" Thought is a Thing, what do... I 'Mean'? I Mean that 'You can Throw Your Thought Just Like a Thing'. 'You Can Hit Somebody's Head With a Thought Just Like a Thing'. 'You Can kill a Person Through a Thought Just as You Can Throw a Dagger'. 'You can Give your Thought as a Gift', or as an 'Infection'. 'Thoughts are Things', they are 'Forces', but 'They Don't Belong to You'. They Come to You ; They Abide For a While in You and Then They Leave You. 'The Whole Universe is Filled With Thoughts and Things'. 'Things are Just the Physical Part of Thoughts', and 'Thoughts are the Mental Part of Things'.

Because of this 'Fact', Many 'Miracles' happen -- because 'Thoughts are Things'. If a person continuously thinks about you and your Welfare, it will happen -- because he is Throwing a Continuous Force at You. That's Why 'Blessings are Useful', 'Helpful'. 'If You can Be Blessed By Someone Who has Attained No - Mind', the 'Blessing is Going to be True' -- 'Because a Man Who Never Uses Thought' 'Accumulates Thought Energy', So 'Whatsoever He Says is Going to Be True'.

" In all the Eastern Traditions, Before a Person Starts Learning No- Mind, there are Techniques and Much Emphasis that He Should Stop Being Negative, Because If You Once Attain to No - Mind and Your Trend Remains Negative, You can Become a Dangerous Force. Before the No - Mind is Attained, One Should Become Absolutely Positive. That is the Whole Difference Between 'White' and 'Black' 'Magic'."

"Black Magic" is Nothing More Than When a Man has 'Accumulated Thought Energy' Without Throwing Out His 'Negativity' Beforehand. And 'White Magic' is Nothing More than When a Man has 'Attained too Much Thought Energy', and has 'Based his Total Being' on a 'Positive Attitude'. 'The Same Energy' With 'Negativity' Becomes 'Black'; the 'Same Energy With Positivity' Becomes 'White'. A 'Thought is a Great Force', 'It is a Thing'.

'This will be the Third Insight. It has to be Understood and Watched Within Yourself.'

Sometimes it happens that you see your thought functioning as a thing, but just because of too much conditioning of materialism you think this may be just a coincidence. You neglect the fact, you simply don't give any attention to it; you remain indifferent, you forget about it. But many times you know that sometimes you were thinking about the death of a certain person -- and he is dead. You think it is just a coincidence. Sometime you were thinking about a friend and a desire arose in you that it would be good if he comes -- and he is on the door, knocking. You think it is a coincidence. It is not coincidence. In fact, 'There is Nothing Like Coincidence', 'Everything has it's Causality


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